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 Iranian Pistachio

It has been three years since Mahan Gostar Mahvelat Export Company has started its activity in the field of Iranian pistachio
sales in Khorasan Razavi Province, and now it announces its preparation for direct cooperation with you honorable buyer.

It should be noted that in the year 201
6 the amount of 250,000 tonnes of
pistachio was collected, from which 200,000 tonnes
was exported, Khorasan Razavi Province share in this market was 50,000 tonnes.
Harvest time in this area starts from 20 of August, when gathered crop is bought from farmers, it enters the processing plant in which the whole mechanized procedure including peeling, drying, and winnowing is completed. Eventually crop is packed in 50 kg packages and stored, ready for being exported.

our company buys the crop from farmers, then the process of peeling, drying and testing is done, afterwards 50 kg packages of
pistachio is accumulated at company stores to be gradually exported.

we are ready to supply on a monthly basis up to 500 tons of the following pistachio types:
1- Kalle Guchi, Badami, Akbari and Fandoghi pistachios
2- Size range: 18-34
3- Opened and closed pistachios
4- Naturally and mechanically opened pistachios
5- Raw and roasted pistachios
6- Bulk or packed
We can also supply high-grade pistachio kernels.

Type: 2 Type: 1
Type : Badami
 Size: 32
 Processing : Raw
Closed nuts : 5%
Packed : in bags of 50 kg
Type : Badami
 Size: 32
 Processing : Roasted & Salted
Closed nuts : Zero
Packed : in bags of 25 kg
FOB Price : 6.50 Euro FOB Price : 7.00 Euro

Last updated: 14, January , 2020

 Kernel pistachio
Price Per ton: From 10000 to 20000 Euro

 Payment Terms :
 2. L/C ( 20 % prepayment , 80 % Delivery time )
nstallments payment for reputable companies:
prepayment + 40% Delivery time + 50% one month after delivery)


 Mahan Gostar Mahvelat Export Company is able to prepare and export up to 5000 tonnes of pistachio each year.


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